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The two founding directors of Everett Smith & Co have run the company successfully for over 50 years each. Over this time the structure has changed. Accounting departments have replaced book keepers, Estimating departments have replaced night time take offs, and Directors and management teams now combine to supervise and administer some of the largest commercial electrical projects in Perth. One thing though, that has not changed is the heart, the soul, and the reason. Whilst Everett Smith is a corporation it prefers to be known as the largest family owned Electrical Contracting Company in Western Australia.

With a foundation stone of 50 years as base, Everett Smith has a hard edge honed by a desire to embrace and promote technologies that have true and lasting benefits to the project. Our construction sites are equipped with PCs or Laptops and administrations tools, complete with scanning, copying, fax and high speed broadband. All site supervisors are equipped with cable calculation, estimating and costing software, ensuring all installations comply with statutory authorities and builders are able to receive swift replies to construction issues. Our approach to the Electrical Contracting industry is as the industry itself, dynamic and perpetually moving.

A key philosophy of one of our founding directors and company engineer, is the “economic use of materials, in all our projects”, ensuring responsible resource management and the best possible “value for money…” for our clients. Carbon emissions and the cost of copper are major concerns to us all. Consumer sentiment drives corporations to demand buildings that tread gently on the earth yet are powerful in terms of what they provide their occupants. Everett Smith manages the challenges the industry presents by identifying early future issues and preparing for the inevitable.

World wide shortages in oil and copper, the use of polymer insulation substitution, Green Star, ABGR, labour and skill shortages are all challenges to be embraced and overcome. A company without a true vision of the future is a company without a future.

With the demand for smarter and more efficient electrical solutions in contemporary buildings and facilities comes complexity and minimization. New technology and concepts are always being introduced, prior to commencement as well as during construction. The pace of innovation is constantly ahead of construction. Everett Smith and Co prides itself on an ability to combine its in house engineering with the projects’ primary engineers to add value to projects undertaken.

Design and Construct projects are continuing to grow in demand and to meet this demand Everett Smith & Co have the ability to provide total turn key solutions in HV reticulation and HV generation, smart reticulation of LV in major applications, structured cabling lighting systems, extending and exceeding the current requirements of Green Star and arguably the most adept Communications and Data division in WA.

And in addition to offering a fully operational contemporary installation, we offer the people and financial capacity to guarantee the intent and expectation of the client.

From Everett-Smith & Co's inception in 1965, it has been the company's underlying philosophy and aspiration to be self sufficient. It was clear from the outset that certification in Electrical Engineering would be one of the company's cornerstones.

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