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Patch Leads

Patch Leads

Why buy patch leads from Everett Smith

The internet is full of great deals on Patch Leads these days….or is it?,  there are many inferior untested leads flooding the market and you could also put your Vendor cabling warranty at risk if you use generic leads.

Everett Smith are unique in that we are able to source leads for all major manufacturers at competitive rates due to the relationship we have through our Installation business. We can supply, Clipsal, Siemon, Panduit, Molex, TE Krone, Systimax and more.

We can also source high quality Generic leads if you do not need brand specific leads.

Added to that, many times you may not be quite sure if you need Singlmode fibre or Multimode, what about OM1 , OM2, OM3 or the new OM4 Multimode leads. Then the termination type, ST, SC, LC, MTRJ???

Whether it’s Copper leads Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 you need or Fibre, we can help you through the maze of terminology and ensure you get the right leads.

Just fill out the enquiry form with as much detail as you have, Lead type, Length, Colour, termination etc and we will contact you to confirm cost and availability.

From Everett-Smith & Co's inception in 1965, it has been the company's underlying philosophy and aspiration to be self sufficient. It was clear from the outset that certification in Electrical Engineering would be one of the company's cornerstones.

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