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Law Courts

The Perth District Court Building electrical services consists of a dual high voltage (11kV) incoming main with a maximum capacity of 3.7MVA, feeding a substation on level Basement 2, with a second high voltage switch room on level 12. Each substation contains two 1MVA transformers feeding a separate main distribution board, with a bus tie system to combine the boards in case of a transformer failure.

The building has been provided with a secondary back up supply, consisting of two diesel powered 1.1MVA standby generators. The changeover system is automatic, utilizing automatic transfer switches located on the main distribution boards.

The reticulation of power throughout the building is performed utilizing separate mains to each level, feeding the north distribution boards. The south distribution boards are fed via a sub-main from the north board on the respective floor.

The illumination system for the building is fully automated, utilizing the Dynalite control system. A head end computer is provided in the facility management office; this provides the system control as well as an interface for programming and manual operation. Controlsoft software is also loaded into the WLG computer at the security control station on level B1, allowing manual control of the lighting system from that location.

A Famco emergency lighting system has been installed. The system provides automated emergency lighting control, enabling testing to be performed at pre-programmed times, and producing a full test report displaying the condition of all emergency luminaries within the building. The Famco software is loaded onto the lighting control computer in the facility management office.

The uninterruptible power supply unit for the level eight state computer room was supplied by Chloride. It is a 10kVA unit, and is monitored by the building management system.

From Everett-Smith & Co's inception in 1965, it has been the company's underlying philosophy and aspiration to be self sufficient. It was clear from the outset that certification in Electrical Engineering would be one of the company's cornerstones.

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