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NextDC P1 Data Centre

NextDC P1 Data Centre

The key element in the electrical design and installation was to maintain a design standard which achieved Data Centre Tier 3 qualification as certified by the Uptime Institute.

 Uptime’s Tier 3 demands a clean, reliable and un-interrupted power supply with diverse redundancy in both power generation and power distribution systems.

 To achieve the required levels of availability and quality, two Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply units (DRUPS unites) were installed with a provision for up to five future units. These units incorporate flywheel storage devices, which are connected via converter systems and store energy for immediate delivery to building loads during a power failure and prior to engaging the diesel generator back up systems.

 In the presence of Western Power’s 22kV network supply, these DRUPS units operate as synchronous motors with automatic excitation control, which improve the network input power factor and maintains the network power factor at an “ideal” value. These synchronous motors are arranged to divert a significant portion of the harmonic currents generated by the load away from the network, thereby reducing the harmonic current distortion as “seen” by the network. Transient and harmonics in the mains voltage are effectively compensated by a coupling choke.  Furthermore the DRUPS system topography and excitation regulates the output load voltage to close tolerances.

 Everett Smith provided a 2.0 MVA supply to each DRUPS unit with interconnection for paralleling and distribution. The design team worked with Western Power to ensure full system compliance which ensured reliability, power quality and safety.

 Further to the above, Everett Smith’s scope of works also included:

  • Electrical services design input and improvement.
  • Services coordination and drawing distribution including input into the site-wide Revit 3D BIM model.
  • High voltage cabling, termination and testing.
  • High voltage protection design and setting.
  • Design and provision of high voltage SCADA control system with remote user touchscreen.
  • High voltage and Lightning Protection earthing systems.
  • Distribution switchboards including full circuit breaker discrimination study.
  • Low voltage submains to all major components and sub-circuit systems.
  • Diverse power supplies to all data cabinets and equipment.
  • Diesel fuel control cabling.
  • Cable containment installed to meet RP seismic restraint standards.
  • Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) for automated lighting control and emergency lighting monitoring and testing.

  In addition to Everett Smith’s standard testing and commissioning procedures, the above systems underwent comprehensive integrated systems testing overseen by a team of independent commissioning experts. All systems were rigorously tested and proved to meet Tier 3 standards.


From Everett-Smith & Co's inception in 1965, it has been the company's underlying philosophy and aspiration to be self sufficient. It was clear from the outset that certification in Electrical Engineering would be one of the company's cornerstones.

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