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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy



It is timely that we formalise our commitment to the ever increasing importance of matters concerning the environment.

Our particular professional activities predominate in the field of electrical energy utilization, control and its distribution, therefore we must take a leading role in ensuring that the entire chain in the efficient use of resources is foremost in our mind.

In particular, we must not only recognise the ancillary issues concerning the environment such as avoidance of toxic or harmful chemical compounds in equipment we use, proper waste management, recycling and the like, we must also be accountable for the proper selection of equipment, systems and devices that minimise the need for the initial infrastructure raw materials.

This means our focus on efficient utilization of the active systems we install must also parallel that which requires selection of the correct equipment and to ensure that such equipment is sized to meet the reasonable needs of the purpose for which it is to be used.

We will also take greater care in selecting the correct totality of what we need to deliver the required outcome in whatever tasks we undertake.  We shall further ensure that recycling of surplus or redundant materials is implemented not only for the economic benefits that flow from such activity, but more importantly to ensure that the finite resources of the planet are not wasted or plundered.

All employees are encouraged to be personally involved in the continual improvement of the system by identifying environmental issues in the workplace and providing suggestions for their resolution.

Terry Smith
EVERETT-SMITH & CO. PTY LTD   November 2013





Our objective is to implement and maintain an environmental management code of conduct that complies with environmental legislation, codes and guidelines.  Our goal is to execute all our activities with the aim of minimising adverse effects on the environment.


In meeting our personal needs to compliment the regulatory, mandatory and legislative obligations we list below some key “dot” points as the goals we aspire to.

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, codes and guidelines.
  • Identify possible environmental risks and adopt appropriate strategies to monitor and implement responsible outcomes.
  • Provide adequate resources to continually improve our business processes.
  • Comply with contract requirements and communicate constructively with other parties regarding the effects on the environment due to our business activities.
  • Raise awareness to staff of the need for environmental responsibility.
  • Implement recycling initiatives.
  • Being aware and accountable for our contribution towards our environmental performance and encouraging all employees to adopt a respect for the environment in our day to day activities
  • Focus on carbon neutral materials, processes and procedures.
  • Ensure that equipment selection is that which meets the reasonable needs of being fit for purpose and yet for it to operate at optimum efficiency.

Everett Smith & Co commits to the implementation of this Environmental Policy by identifying environmental issues in the workplace, working towards acceptable solutions to these issues and encouraging all employees to adopt environmentally friendly work practices.

From Everett-Smith & Co's inception in 1965, it has been the company's underlying philosophy and aspiration to be self sufficient. It was clear from the outset that certification in Electrical Engineering would be one of the company's cornerstones.

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