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Everett Smith and Co.

Founded in 1965, Everett-Smith and Co are one of the most substantial, experienced, dedicated and innovative electrical engineering firms in Australia. With quality and trust the cornerstone values, Everett-Smith & Co are a self-sufficient organisation, providing clients with reliable, in-house services including data centres and communications infrastructure, technical services, and value engineering.

With Everett-Smith & Co’s emphasis on a balanced mix of quality, experience, and youthful enthusiasm, there is never a shortage of innovative new ideas and solutions for our valued clients. With in-house engineering, these ideas are always guaranteed to be based on sound scientific principles.

The combination of over 50 years on-the-ground experience and up-to-date engineering capabilities is what gives Everett-Smith & Co’s clients certainty and peace of mind.


As Western Australia’s most effective Electrical Engineering Services Contractor, Everett-Smith has been involved in the most substantial development projects in Perth, as well as working with SMEs and community organisations to deliver on smaller-scale projects.


Communications Services

Due to the essential and integrated nature of data centres and communications infrastructure in the modern business, Everett Smith & Co has developed an industry-leading Data and Communications business. Utilising the high level of skill already within the company, this means that we have a multi-functional work-force that are as proficient with Category 5, 6, and 7 as they are with Light and Power.

We have the skills and equipment in-house for termination and testing of all categories of data cabling, multimode, and singlemode fibre. We have experience in wireless networks and laser links to transmit up to 1Gigabit, a strong background in telephone systems, and can arrange PABX installation, Telstra Lead-in works and line connections.


Technical Services

Everett-Smith & Co approaches all projects with a fundamental desire to embrace and promote technologies that have true and lasting benefits to the project. Our construction sites are equipped with PCs or laptops and administration tools, and all site supervisors are equipped with cable calculation, estimating and costing software, to ensure all installations comply with statutory authorities and builders can assess construction issues in real-time.

Design and Construct projects are continuing to grow in demand and to meet this demand Everett Smith & Co have the ability to provide total turn key solutions in HV reticulation and HV generation, smart reticulation of LV in major applications, and structured cabling lighting systems. We confidently extend and exceed the current requirements of Green Star and bring this confidence and certainty to all projects.

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